With a stroke of good luck, I happened to swing a night at the newly opened Pulitzer Amsterdam Hotel just a week or so after the grand re- opening.

It’s no exaggeration to say that for a design nerd like me, my stay at the hotel was the highlight of my trip to Amsterdam. Twenty five canal houses are strung together to create the the hotel’s compound, with many themed rooms and all of the design influenced by Dutch architecture and design. The canal houses are strung together by a series of hallways and cat walks, so during my stay there I made sure to explore as much of the hotel as possible. So many surprises in exploring the space… A turn down the hall could mean a gallery wall with a mix of antiques and modern art, or an art installation running up the side of the building.

When I decided to explore Amsterdam for my trip this year, I was drawn to the city by my love of Dutch design, and the Dutch penchant for mixing modern and traditional with an ease that is completely foreign to me. This hotel was no exception. So much color and lush detail…have a look.



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