I’m doing all the things… you know, exercising daily, eating right, not drinking too much or too often and generally all those things you are told to do. I look pretty good for my age, or so I’m told. I am not a fitness or a health freak. So why would I give this Whole 30 thing a try?

Wait, slow down you say… What exactly is Whole 30?

I’m glad you asked. Whole 30 is an eating plan whereby for 30 days one elminates all the foods that are known to cause things like inflammation, fatigue, bad skin, and generally all that bad mojo you don’t want. The reward is that by eliminating foods and then reintroducing them slowly you can optimize your diet and therefore <LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE>

Okay, so perhaps I answered both questions here. Why am I doing Whole 30? Clearly it must be because I want to live my BEST LIFE.

Well, it’s actually a bit more than that. I’m really hoping to beat both the fatigue and insomnia which have been plaguing me for months if not years. I suspect an autoimmune issue is the culprit, and the Whole 30 has a plan for that too.

Here I am looking in the peak of health, yet still not feeling it.

So, follow along with me for the next 30 and let’s find out a bit more. I’m told I’ll be experiencing carb and sugar withdrawl, brain fog and some intestinal distress… but by the midpoint I’ll feel like a tiger or something like that. Stay tuned..

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