Jack: “What did he say?”
Peter: “He said the train is lost.”
Jack: “How can a train be lost? It’s on rails.”


Hey there, I’m Maja. I’m passionate about culture and trends in style and media, and created this space as a depository of my interests, passions and views. Read a bit more about me below…


I’ve worked in the design field my entire adult career, and have many passions.  I have also founded a couple of lifestyle brands and am currently working on a third in the tech space. Oh yeah, I launched my first company, Tikoli, when I was 8 months pregnant…yikes.  And while we’re on that subject, yes I am also a single mom to 2 little guys. (Although they’d like to tell you they aren’t so little!)


My work has been featured numerous times in leading magazines and blogs including Dwell.com, Newsweek, Sunset, and Design Sponge and has been sold internationally in boutiques and museum stores. I’ve also been fortunate to win nods and awards from Communication Arts, AIGA and HOW magazine.

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