“Swim as far as you can in your dream.
Away from your home, mate, children,
pets, belongings,
work place, colleagues.
How do you feel?”

—Yoko Ono
[10.09.2013 via Twitter ]

Sometimes I find a strange sense of prophecy in my life, like for example how something I retweeted from Yoko Ono a year and a half ago seemed to predict the place where I find myself today…

Without saying too much about my personal life right now, I made a decision a while ago to make a big change in my life.  And as a result, this past half year has been a period of change and exploration. It was a change I felt I needed, not an easy one, and it’s been strange and disorienting in ways I hadn’t quite anticipated. It’s been painful, wonderful and horrible all at the same time, but above all, it has been liberating to explore rejecting the expectations put upon me. It’s been freeing to take the space to explore myself as an individual and to try to focus on cancelling out the gaggle of voices telling me what I’m supposed to be doing with my life right now. To take time to think about, and be honest with myself about what it is I want now, and through my final days.

And I realize and understand that it’s quite possible after all this soul searching I may come right back to where I started, but in the meantime I’m embracing the sensation of feeling lost at sea~

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